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Dearest Reader


It is
you found
    my pain
    b e a u t i f u l
    m o v i n g.
I had it all



The Final Blow

There are times
I pick up the phone
To tell you a story
Or text about poems

Type out the message
Heart starts to tremble
Thoughts fly apart
Words won't assemble

You shattered my heart
And don't know
Others caused fractures

the final blow

Plushville Begins

Beyond the shimmering of rainbows and the twinkling of the stars is a place where plush toys go to play and have fun when their hoomans aren’t looking. It’s just east of the Sparkle Kingdom and south of the Snow Cone Peaks. It is the heart of the Plushlands, a place of friendship, hope, and support where everyone is loved and accepted for who they are. This magical place is called Plushville, and we begin our tale there with a plush owl named Wendy.

Wendy was a small green plush owl with white fur around her eyes and on her tummy, and velvety yellow beak and feet. She also had a major crisis on her hands, she was new to Plushville and needed friends!

“I can have fun by myself, but friends will make things more fun!” Wendy said to herself as she racked her brain. First, she thought about billboards to introduce herself, but that seemed too vain. Then she remembered that when her hoomans had moved, they invited all the neighbors over for what they called a housewarming party. Laughter and joy filled their home for hours, and every hooman made new friends. 

“But what theme should it have?” The question stumped Wendy. She thought about a party celebrating Spring, but Plushville had just had the Spring Festival. And one of her hoomans liked spooky things, but Halloween was months away. There was a fireworks festival coming up, but Wendy didn’t get too close to fire, even though she was flame-resistant!

Wendy began feeling frustration. “I shouldn’t push myself,  inspiration can’t be forced!” She said and made herself some tea. It was Plushberry Zinger, her favorite tea, sweetened with honey from the local plush bees. She sat quietly and sipped her drink, watching the sunset. As the last rays of the sun peeked over the horizon, they hit some crystals she’d hung in a window, creating a dazzling light show that reminded her of her hooman’s disco ball.

“I know, a disco party!” Wendy said as she bounced in her chair excitedly, nearly spilling her tea. “Dancing, music, and hors d’oeuvres are sure to attract fun new friends!” Bedtime was coming soon, but she hurried and excitedly wrote down all her ideas in crayon before snuggling up next to her hooman and sleeping for the night.

Wendy woke up inspired and refreshed and began working right away. First, she booked The Patch Room, the trendiest club in Plushville. Through them was sourced the finest hors d’oeuvres: brownies, pastries, and a buffet of candy. For drinks, she ordered bottles of sparkling plushberry juice and the purest water from the Snow Cone Peaks. She picked out songs from her hooman’s collection, vintage disco like the Plushies of Plushville had never heard! 

It was the dance floor that Wendy was most proud of. She got the most dazzling mood lights and spotlights for the dance floor. The decoration she was most proud of was the disco ball she borrowed from her hooman glimmered with mesmerizing vintage magic. The Patch Room was transformed; it shimmered and shined like it never had before.

With everything in place, Wendy printed her flyers and placed them all up and down Main Street and in the trendy shops and cafes on Satiny Way. Her little plush feet were aching by the end, but she was excited and looking forward to the party!

When the time came for Wendy’s disco party to begin, she nervously opened the doors to The Patch Room. She worried she would be overwhelmed by a crowd, but when she opened the doors a single Plushie stood outside. They were a monster plush, with large friendly eyes and a huge toothy grin. They were covered in yellow polka dots and had no arms or feet, just large purple toes.  

“Cand– you’re– I– Hi, I’m Roger!” The monster said, stammering as he introduced himself. “Are you the host?”

“Yes, I am Wendy the Owl and I am new in Plushville. I thought a party would be a good way to make friends.” Wendy said, introducing herself. “Come in, you’re the first guest!” She gestured for Roger to come inside.

Roger followed Wendy into The Patch Room. “Wow, I’ve seen pictures of the inside of this club and it never looked this good in them!” Roger said with wonder as he marveled at the disco ball and all the other decorations. Wendy turned up the music as he spun around laughing in the middle of the floor. 

“This music is good to dance to! Let’s dance, Wendy!” Roger began to dance, a silly dance rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down. Wendy laughed and joined in, dancing and laughing with Roger. They both lost track of how long they talked, danced, and laughed, but they were exhausted by the time they sat down.

“We don’t have clubs or parties like this in Grumptown!” Roger said, sipping some sparkling plushberry juice. 

“Grumptown? That doesn’t sound so fun. Is that a neighborhood in Plushville?” Wendy said.

“It’s across Grumbleplush Lake. The Plushies there are nice, they’re just not as cheery as Plushville.” Roger looked thoughtful and his smile was a little less cheerful for a moment. “I don’t have any friends in Grumptown, though. I’m too cheery for them.”

“Then why don’t you move to Plushville?” Wendy asked.

“But– but– I’m a monster!” Roger seemed embarrassed by this fact.

“This is the Plushlands, everyone’s accepted wherever they go!” Wendy said with a smile. “You’ve lived here longer than me, didn’t you know that?”

“Well, I know, and all the Plushies here are nice to me when I come, but…” Roger paused, thinking. “I guess I didn’t believe I could be accepted here until I met you, Wendy! You’re Roger’s first friend in the Plushlands.”

Wendy’s plush heart was touched. “You’re my first friend here too, Roger!” She looked around the empty club. “I expected to make lots of friends but I think you’re as special as a dozen new friends.”

“About that, Wendy, I have an– ah– I have a confession.” Roger looked down at the floor dejectedly. “I saw you put a flier that said there was free candy at your party. I love candy and I wanted to make sure I could have some.” Roger paused. “I went around town and collected all the fliers advertising your party. I’m the reason there are not more plushies.” Roger’s eyes teared up. “I’m sorry.”

Wendy thought about it for a moment. “You know what, Roger? It’s OK. Meeting you and becoming your friend was worth all the hard work and planning! But I’m confused – you haven’t touched the candy.”

“I forgot all about it because you were way more special than any party or bowls of candy, Wendy!” Roger’s sincerity touched her heart.

“I booked this place till dawn, and the night is young, let’s keep dancing!” Wendy said as she got up, inviting Roger onto the dance floor. As they began to get their groove on, something neither was expecting happened. A group of Plushies came in.

“Is this the Disco Party?” asked the lead Plushie, a large grey elephant with soulful eyes. “We found your fliers blowing all around Main Street.”

“They must have blown out of the recycling bin I put them in!” Roger said. “I am so sorry! I don’t litter, I’m not that kind of monster!”

“Your fliers they flew, all around town. We cleaned them up, so no need for frowns.” rhymed a small plush rattlesnake that sat on the Elephant’s head.

“We should introduce ourselves.” The elephant said. “I am Auggie and my poet friend is Blep.” Auggie extended his trunk, and Wendy reached out her wing and they shook.

“And I am your hostess, Wendy, and this is my new friend, Roger,” Wendy said, making sure to introduce the shy monster. “He’s from Grumptown, but I think I’ve convinced him to move to Plushville.”

Roger began hopping. “Yes! I’m going to move as soon as I can!”

“Plushville welcomes both of you.” Auggie said, and Blep let out a small hiss to agree.

Plushies were streaming into the club now—too many for Wendy to introduce herself to, but she tried throughout the night. Every guest marveled at her music, refreshments, and most especially the magical dance floor. When the sun finally rose and the Plushies went home, Wendy had more friends than she could count. She knew in her heart that Plushville was home.

months, years, us;

As weeks turned to
months to
we to

Our lies fell like
Leaves like
Blankets keeping us

Warm and

Warm and

Warm and

I Learn Something New Every Day

Quadratic voting

Quadratic voting is a collective decision-making procedure which involves individuals allocating votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences.

Sybill attack

The Sybil attack in computer security is an attack wherein a reputation system is subverted by creating multiple identities. A reputation system’s vulnerability to a Sybil attack depends on how cheaply identities can be generated, the degree to which the reputation system accepts inputs from entities that do not have a chain of trust linking them to a trusted entity, and whether the reputation system treats all entities identically.

Golden Light

I am in a place filled with computer machinery and golden light. Another is there. They offer me a psychedelic drug. I accept. It is golden and translucent, with a microchip at its center and circuit traces in all direction. The other holds it up as Eucharist. This is a sacred moment. I lift my gaze as they place it on my tongue. I close my eyes and I can feel it flavorlessly dissolve into my tongue.